Let's Play Abomination: The Nemesis Project [part 9] – The Lowest Of Healths

Ok everyone welcome back to abomination the Nemesis project haha ok savage it’s time it’s time we go all out on these people yep savage can carry all of that and a sniper rifle because he’s Savage this is what I like to do with Savage he can be quite an effective one-man operative well one-man army only I’ve never done.

Man with an m60 easy-peasy that van is very suspicious I know that van that is a mission-critical van yep they they only paint vans in that cover if their mission.

Get the team over there yeah you can keep your room 64 now Savage oh you have okay alright just a low in man savage go take it out no reason to use the whole squad oh he’s going through a grenade isn’t he okay that area should be clear so that’s you shot your TV and can you really okay okay what.

Stuff did they have just aks that’s alright.

Alright yes York you can blow up that van look it’s not fully exploded.

Right huh wonder what else there is to do around here let’s explore well let’s search 16 corpse nothing nothing at all okay I haven’t been down this corner yet but it.

Appears that there is nothing interesting here all right in that case I think we may need to destroy these objects well let’s go ahead and do that that’s good it’s not hard on the ammo supplies then that’s good yes let’s go back down here actually Kokoschka and savage you go down there reckoner new york you got there good good usually they fired two bullets when I well.

When they need one shot our operatives yes usually any evil up here I don’t see anything ah maybe that staircase no no there’s nothing up there that’s the end of the map okay no no.

No I must have missed something I must have done it’s not often that I miss something in this game hey hey where are you two going going round the other you’re going around the long way oh we missed two people that’s it okay car skier you stay back Savage can handle this just pop around the corner and we’ll say say hello to my little friend completed wonderful reduce people video you can’t take that artillery gun with us yeah.

Yeah it see we could mount that gun on our on our vehicle we could we might not need long-range artillery yet but it’s good to prepare for the future isn’t it anyway everyone I will see you in a few modes after I have searched this place Queen Ingram’s lots and lots of engrams but nothing else anyway let’s find out how well we did mission completed the resupply is imminent the supplies we.

Requested have arrived just about to arrive and we shall proceed to the drop site momentarily unfortunately there’s also this two of them that’s never happened oh well I don’t feel like attacking another strong hold no supplies we do have timed we.

Start with others stronghold and then recover those supplies anyway for now we have this the technical team has located and is decoding a number of documents that relate to the activities of the cult of the faithful and their.

Worship of the brood will upload the information as it becomes available at least we’re learning so.

Let’s save how well is the team doing come wise not very well I really don’t want to attack another strong yet I just stunned because the game has never just.

Popped up with three stronghold was at a time before and especially not all on the same screen alright then we’ll send a couple of people just a couple of people detonate fractal yes you too will will do well pick up our supplies yes no problem and do that in the next part yes we will see you then.

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