Increasing Healthy Human Lifespan, Laura Deming Of The Longevity Fund

Salar why now in terms of longevity what’s happened to make you raise a fund and start investing in research and companies yeah so we think this is an insanely important part of the story because if you were aristotle and you were like trying to start longevity fund you would have a terrible time really for the worst idea and.

And so timing is super important like why now for the first time in like 2000 3000 years of the.
Time to work on longevity to us a lot of that comes back to tooling.

And what’s available for us to use hmm no prior to the 1900s if you wanted to impact biology you know maybe you should have been a physicist you know worked on optics helped make the first microscope and like Robert Hooke a physicists you know it discovers the cell so you know there’s so much that comes from physics and other disciplines into biology to push it forward but then I.

Think in the 1900s something kind of fascinating happens which is that for the first time there’s kind of this acceleration of tooling right x-rays NMR all these things you know the.

Cathode ray tube discovered mass spectrometry but if you know by this guy trying to find a.

Mass of electron which is so cool and so all these physics tools starting to coming online but they’re also more biology driven tools and and so really I think you know and we can get into this more specifically maybe your time but kind of what’s excited us is just seeing the.

Tools available to characterize like life become available for the first time ever right you know for all.

Millennia you had Darwin and like Mendel talked about genetics and like there is no knowledge of what was actually going on at the ground truth level and in 1953 for the first time you have like the link between molecular biology and looking with microscopes and like genetics and like this you know sort of concept of fredda T which is just super exciting and what caused you to jump in well I mean I think was born like a very lucky time would you I think.

You always had to be you know sort of cautious or like I guess like a little bit concerned if you believe that about yourself right like why now like I’m you know should you really be lucky time but then I think also.

You know as a kid or a just like had a lot of relatives that were you know sort of aging and that was very striking but also you know.

Really wanted to solve cancer and I I remember talking to my dad about this and I was like Oh thinking I want to solve.

Cancer he’s like well you know cancer is a subset of aging so if you want to solve cancer you just like you know solve a teaching it like takes care of all these other things as well and that just ain’t of that a couple kind of like hang off my grandma like they’re just gonna made sense to music kiddos like okay well like you guess I’ll go solve aging then problem because cancer is not the number one cause of death in the u.
right it’s heart disease great what just like.

If you look all the HLA diseases you know pastor and point are driving.

Kind of like the majority of sort of natural deaths so to speak so you know like you know once we got rid of infectious disease like it really became the case like aging which wasn’t previously.

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