Scary True Crime Stories In Recent News Episode 2 | Midnight Fears

Thirteen-year-old carrie Ann Jopek went missing 33 years ago in 1982 she was last seen at a house party near her home in milwaukee wisconsin her body was discovered buried underneath the porch of an abandoned house 17 months later the murder went unsolved until now fifty-year-old Jose Ferreira called a local news station and confessed to the crime he apparently.

Described the crime in grisly detail the news director of the station only released the shortened version of Ferrara’s confession to.

The public Ferreira was 17 at the time and was trying to force the 13 year old girl into.

The basement so he could make out with her Carrie Jopek resisted and Ferreira through the poor girl down the flight of stairs thus breaking her neck Ferreira then had sex with the girls dead.

Body and buried her under the.

Porch where she spent her next two birthdays Ferreira continued to be friendly with.

The girl’s mother as he was a close neighbor the station contacted police and Ferreira has been arrested and is finally in custody after all these years 35 year old Minnesota resident Timothy Robert Steele was charged with second-degree murder after bludgeoning his 84 year old.

Grandmother to death with a hammer because she blew her nose at the dinner table steel also added that he was angry with his grandmother because she caused a hole in one of his jackets on a side note murders committed with a hammer are not that uncommon an FBI report cites a study conducted from 2005 to 2011 more murders are committed with blunt objects like hammers and baseball bats than rifles in 2005 445 murders were committed with rifles for 605 with blunt objects in 2006 438 murders were recorded using rifles while 618.

Were committed with hammers and bats and so the list goes for every year of the study in 2011 323 murders were committed.

With a rifle and 496 using hammers and clubs in a province of Buenos Aires Argentina 25 year old Leandro a Costa and 22 year old Karen Klein were accused of murdering their parents 54 year old Ricardo Klein and Miriam kowalczyk Acosta and Klein were step brother and sister they were also lovers Karen Klein has been released by authorities because they are unable.

To prove her involvement in the actual murders her attorneys claim she only helped clean up the scene because she.

Was afraid a Costa might kill her as well as she refused a Costa admits to the killings and recounts his actions.

For police he found his stepfather asleep in his underwear and he shot the 54 year old in the head he felt the sexual gratification after he shot his stepfather so he decided to have sex with.

The middle of the vile act his mother came home from dropping off his 11 year old siblings from school she yelled what have you done Oh Costa then turned the gun on his mother and repeatedly shot her until she was dead he then beat the bodies crushed the skulls and he impaled his mother on a spike then he committed a lewd act over his mother’s dead corpse Costa wasn’t done with them by a long.

Shot it was at this point that Karen Klein helped her brother clean up a Costa sliced pieces of flesh off of his stepfather.

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