Modest Fall Outfit Ideas

Hey y’all we are so excited to bring you today some modest fall outfit idea oh yeah we did one recently on our summer monosoff and ideas and so many of you emailed us and said we loved that that we’re so inspiring auj thank you for posting that can you do another one on fall and want us outfit ideas.

And so we were so excited about our partnership with red up last time it worked out really well and so I decided to partner with write up again and they’re sponsoring this video so that we can bring you awesome fall.

Modest off and ideas we are so excited to show you what we got and to try on our outfits and inspire you on how you can dress modestly and fashionably this fall so for those of you who didn’t catch our last video thread up is like an amazing online second-hand store because we’ve recommended some of our favorite local secondhand stores and you’re like we don’t live in San Antonio could you give us something a little bit more like you’re on Universal and so the thread up is amazing because it’s.

Online which means that any of you can access it just like us and it’s basically lightly worn clothing great awesome brands brands you love like the brand’s I love most I can just search those brands and find stuff that I love so what we have inside of these boxes is things that each of us have specifically chosen for ourselves and now we get to share them with you and show you what we’ve chosen.

And just inspire you with them now keep in mind we’re not fashion experts.

Or pros because we just think about we like and we want to wear and we hope it’s inspiring you and.

We hope you will go on to thread up and be able to find some nice secondhand clothing where you say hey this is like a fraction of the price of what I would pay in store you love deals.
Yeah we love sales love tales we love sales we love discounts.

And so it’s amazing to be able to go on here pay a fraction literally of the price that I would pay if I walk into us to wear and still get like a super cute.

Accessory outfit whatever it is and you know each season you need some updates you need to change and so I’m really excited to show you what I got I don’t know about you I’m your idea my box is bursting are literally exploding how it comes in a cute package love.

The tissue paper um and we forgot to mention if you use toad girl to find they are literally gonna give you a 30% off your first parts at your first purchase it’s just like triple triple.
Sale like it’s already a good deal then you get.

Ready for some it’s like the price just which is awesome so here’s my box we’re gonna.

Go try it on and see how it looks on this shirt dress is absolutely one of my favorites so I chose this because it’s kind of long.

It’s kind of creamy oatmealy but I think it can totally still work for the fall especially Texas Falls where it’s still pretty warm outside but I love this lovely fluffy sleeves and particularly this is supposed to be addressed but I’m very small it does not go.

Long long long and so I decided to just bought some skinny jeans with it which I absolutely loved it’s great for the Fall.

It was originally $55 from gap and I got it for $19.

99 and this shirt I love because it’s long sleeves I mean the item has a fall look I love a little tie it’s just.

Home Eminem rate with high-waisted jeans but it does a little bit lightweight and so in Texas our Falls are kind of mild and.

So it’s great for us to have long sleeves if you live in a southern climate these type of things are awesome so I’m super.

Excited about this shirt I think it’s so fun so feminine and I just love it for the fall with these really cute shoes and it’s actually from j.crew which i love cuz they have a lot of classy stuff it can often be really pricey typically out of my budget that I got this for 1499 but it was originally $35 on.crew so I’m really excited about this fine I love it this next shirt because it is a long big flowy tunic kind of outfit and you can’t wear Lizzie but I just love it it’s so cozy for the Fall I love it with skinny jeans kind of popping it with.

Some shoes to add some spice but it is just like baked you throw it on and you’re cozy I mean you look like a company market stuff kind of like that comfy pillow.

But I honestly love stuff like this again it’s lightweight great for the full coverage that’s great cupboards I love like that’s my heart.
Attack it’s just so cozy so fun so this is also from j.
crew and I learned my favorite stores and originally Galt it was a hundred and ten dollars I would never buy that in source but I got it from thread up for $24.

Deal I love Co a bit when I saw this dress on thread out there’s like I really hope it works because.

What’s interesting about it is this black shirt did not come with it but this style is really in right now so obviously this dress I probably wouldn’t wear it without the shirt underneath but it’s false so you.

Can totally get away with best mark when you’re thinking salt modest fashion I feel like this.

Is a great description of what we’re talking about fall colors a dress like this you know kind of low string shops but I’m throwing a long-sleeve shirt under it with boots and now I have like this fun fall dress okay this one was originally from Gap $55.

Gonna weightless I can wear this to church I can wear this out there just to find a date with my soon-to-be husband I.

Mean this is gonna be great for some ball fashion layering up for the fall is probably one of my favorite things.

To do because honestly like we all know it’s I finally get the easier to dress immodest in the fall because it’s okay to layer and it’s a little bit cooler so you’re not like sweating your brain back you’re like it’s actually worth it so with this I’m super into overalls right now and now I can get.

Like fun cozy sweaters and put them underneath my overalls which I’m absolutely loving and I can’t.

Wait to do so many more things like that but this sweater it’s originally from American Eagle $59 I only paid $19.99 again two for a and sweaters they can be really expensive try to go in stores I’m shocked like I can’t like breaking them by sweater for the whole fall and winter so this is a great way I’ve got multiple others from thread up that I’m not going to have to show you today but this is one of them and I.

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