United By Modest Fashion Muslim,jewish, Mormon,and Christian Women Speak

A great outfit could make you feel empowered and confident and for women who just modestly they really are struggling to find those great outfits today we brought a group of women together to talk about how modest fashion affects their lives we saw that despite their different backgrounds and faiths they were united in their struggle to look her and.

Find a beautiful modest fashion especially since I you know I used to model so you know I didn’t really care about modesty but after I.

Got baptized and that’s when I really start getting started to care about it and you know my.

Spirituality influenced me to become more modest they should look nice right you look nice and and I’m very picky if I’m shopping I can spend 3-4 hours you know just shopping and I won’t find a single thing yeah you go 3-4 hours I’ll go the mall all day and find nothing nothing and they don’t go to like 34th Street same thing you know it’s so hard when I go shopping I try not silly make it difficult for me.

To and determine like I take the whole day off and like it when I’m in the store like I look at the top that I like even.
If it’s a short top and I’ll just scan it with my in my.

Head and like think of my closet and just see and how can I like dress it up so much of today I even see so much that if it is long sleeves goodness missing is back there’s a sleeve and very likely missing other sleeve.

Neck in the back it’s like this jumpsuit that I’m wearing I wouldn’t have to wear something to cover the middle and have something that has sleeves to put on top would come with sleeves and covered and everything and I’m just gonna put it on and run.

Around like a little kid to be wearing a car to get it to put something sleeveless.
Minutes to shop why do I have to go find something to go underneath.

Or on top of something why is it so difficult to find something that is quality and covers decently you’ll have the peace but.

You won’t have the material like I’m it’s frustrating when I find a blossom like this is awesome I love this leaves everything I put it up to the light see right through it I ain’t walked into Saks Fifth Avenue for the first time ever the other day and like obviously not to buy anything but right so I like go up to the third floor and it’s like all these designers and all these beautiful clothes I mean like look at the price time you’re like oh that’s $8,000 I’ll never have that.

You know but if I had all the money in the world that’s where I would go but it was interesting I was with my little sister and we were just picking out different things.

That we liked and a lot of the things like we were able to find clothes that we could wear there things that like the that covered our shoulders and then we’re long enough which is a big deal for.

Me because I’m tall and so to have some like.

A dress that goes down to my knee is hard but it was so interesting that like these top line designers type of clothes are modest like even if I find a piece that’s you know sleeves and.

Everything the way it’s cut it’s completely form-fitting I have no space to breathe and for me you went to Saks 5th you go to the third floor.

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