Wudu Series 6 Episode 14 Swan Hill Races

Then it was off to the races they may be dress up for it so what love a bit of a top but then again Saturday one else welcome to the Swan Hill races and are the great event peppering the Murray a day of fun and festivities where the who’s who have come out to play fight I’m really excited.

Terry it light on everything for almost every the 150th running of the Swan Hill cup this year and it’s a terrific event Murray downs golf and country clubs are really proud to be associated with it major sponsor it’s a fantastic event for the town it brings people from far and white trainers.

Bring horses up out of Melbourne brings a whole lot of new money and visitors into the town so it’s a really good event we’re really excited to be part of what are you dying to try and promote the Murray we have a range of projects and activities and today for example is one of our one.

Of the events which is in our region at Swan girl and events is just part of what the region.

Covers off um we decided people families that haven’t experienced the Maria how would you sort of promote them to.

Is really exciting for all age groups and from little kids right through to go ha and the young at heart that’s right.

It’s got something for everyone I mean waters the key feature of course and the Murray really is quite literally and the competition started getting serious this is how you see the Reggie oh yeah more champagne sir I know for me thank united with what Tesla stamp with a head.

Beer and actually not as a family Martin will re majesty haha.


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