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Dance what is up today I will be talking about some pipe bombs have been sent to various Democratic leaders megyn kelly is in trouble for her comments on blackface and a couple plunges to their death first before I begin hit that like button also subscribe and hit that Bell icon so you know when I upload five star reviews.

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Whatever you want I try to interact as much as I can with the chat and so far it’s always a blast so come hang out dude I want to meet you come hang out all right this story right here is just dominating the news and there have been some explosive devices some pipe bombs.

That have been sent to various Democratic leaders here are the people that have been affected by this Barack and Michelle Obama Bill and Hillary Clinton George Soros John Brennan Eric Holder debbie Wasserman Schultz seeing in headquarters Maxine Waters Wallace sent to Robert De Niro’s restaurant and things what it was and just recently Joe Biden.

This the explosive devices have been described as rudimentary but functional and on one of them one of the the pipe bombs that had a parody is Isis flag with.

The with the phrase get er done look like Arabic but it was just it actually just said get her done this is this is a very very this is a very important time for.

Us for us all of us as Americans and this bums me out because it’s what I’ve feared and what I’ve been talking about for the past I don’t know two or three weeks I’ve been trying to get away from politics because I just I’m not smart enough to cover politics.

And be like a political commentator and act like I know you know the ins and outs of policies and I just don’t I don’t but looking at looking at the players and the players of the game the.

Political game you know I’ve seen various comments and tweets and message boards and just you know go on go on everywhere dudes reading as much as I could on this and there’s people stating or not you know they’re saying that this is a false flag that someone is set this up to help sway some votes to the Democrats and I mean I don’t I don’t think that is the case anything’s possible.

Dude of course like there could be there could be a squirrel doing a handstand on the flagpole outside of my building right now.

At this very minute it’s possible but I doubt it I doubt that’s this is the the case also saying.

That you know maybe someone on the right is trying to make it look like the people on the left are trying to sabotage yeah it’s like this whole like all right the people on the right sent these bomb.

These pipe bombs to these Democratic leaders to make it look like the Democrats sent the bomb to.

Themselves are these pipe bombs I don’t think that’s the case either this is what I think ended only an opinion I’m just saying that’s it what I’ve been talking about for.

The past two or three weeks is this divide there there’s a great huge divide in our country right now and of course it’s it’s being light on pretty thick with mainstream media and and plate up a bit for the drama we gotta we love that drama.

Dude gotta have that drama that’s how am I gonna keep my attention I’m a drama.

Mama but we we have had what I consider inappropriate calls to action or ideology and I’m gonna point to the people on the left on this one for these examples we had Hillary Clinton saying that you know there’s no civility with the other side no I.

Think there can be no civility and you know I feel about that wrong we should always make time for civility.

Who was in you know Stan she she had a pipe bomb delivered to to the to her and Bill Clinton like I know him you know Hillary and.

Bill they were hanging out and.

Also Eric Holder I believe is the person that said when when they go low we kick them it’s it’s a violent kind of a violent thing to say to kick someone is a little violent to say we also had Maxine Waters who was asking for you know people to harass the Trump administration if you see him out in public and restaurants you gotta let them know they’re not welcome like just.

To harass people when they’re having dinner with their their family and this is it’s not the way to do it you cause resentment when you ask for people to do that and also.

You don’t know who you’re talking to dude there are some impressionable people that have nothing else in life but what they heard you just say that’s now that is their goal that’s that’s what they’re gonna do I’m gonna go I’m gonna you know when Ted Cruz goes to dinner I’m gonna harass him and his wife dude and then cheer whenever they leave the restaurant cuz I won and we’ve also.

Seen Trump say some things enough for sure like whenever before he was a president at some of his rallies you know and I guess a protester would start chanting something you know get him out of here get him out of here and you know I think he said.

Something like if you hit him if you hit that guy or whatever I’ll I’ll pay for the legal fees and Trump says some off the wall just dumb things dude and the that’s the that day okay here’s my point let me get to my opponent we have to take step back because it’s getting out of hand now.

It doesn’t matter if if you think that it’s the left with the false flag or if it’s the right with the switcheroo false flags switch a rule type thing or whatever you think it is we have to take a step back cuz most likely it’s probably just some crazy person who is looking at the political landscape the the culture of politics the climate the political climate.

There we go now I sound like a political commentator looking at this climate and with all the the PC culture of you know people in trouble for what they say and where and eat and do and all this stuff and some of the extreme views of some of the the.
Leaders on the left and on the right let.

Me say this again I said at last podcast this doesn’t go to everybody on the left this doesn’t go to everybody on the right when I’m saying that you know you’re wrong man you shouldn’t be like this all of us have to take a step back because now it’s.

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