North Korea Bans Foreign Visitors As Kim's Hermit State Prepare For Huge Celebration

You North Korea bans foreign visitors as Kim therefore a huge celebration North Korea has been all foreign tourists from visiting its capital Pyongyang and a shock moved by the nation’s leader Kim jong-un the communist despot made the decision to suspend all these and applications from overseas tour groups until September 9th the date will mark the 70th anniversary of.

North Korea being founded officials in Pyongyang are believed to be planning a major military parade through the capital streets to celebrate the anniversary.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has reportedly been invited to the event although it unknown whether he plans to attend soldiers and.

Weapons have been seen converging on Mirim military airport near Pyongyang for rehearsals of the parade Yuri tours which organizes trips to North Korea believes the temporary ban on tourists was imposed to free up resources before the parade a spokesman said large numbers of tourists journalists and VIP.

Delegations are expected to visit Pyongyang for the September 9th festivities we’ve been advised this temporary freeze will provide breathing space to tourism resources such as hotels and preparation for this increased demand tourists scheduled to visit in August and September who already have issued tourist visas remain unaffected all tours scheduled after September 9th remain unaffected the temporary freeze on visas and applications only applies to Pyongyang according to reports.

Tourists will still be able to visit the North Korean city of sinuiju.

Near the border with China and the coastal region of raise the communist state is one of the world’s least popular tourist destinations with all visits tightly controlled by the regime anyone.

Who wants to visit North Korea must apply for a visa through a licensed tour company the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against halt but essential travel to the North Korea its website adds you should follow the political and security situation very closely and stay in touch with your host organization or tour.

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