Samsung Galaxy S10 – Stunning Design & Open Hole Technology

Welcome back to Navy oh and right now it’s happily samsung galaxy as ten and the bezel is display is getting more and more interesting so if you look at this image here by same Sun the actually showcase this image Andy Sampson Developer Conference 2018 alongside with their foldable smartphone which is the first that ever made and it’s pretty.

Cool but that’s for another story but.

If you look at this image it’s really interesting because we all know that Samsung doesn’t like going for the knotch so the only answer.

Is going for something very very different now the overall structures of these types of many notches reminds us of these essential phone by Andy Rubin and if you look at the affinity you display you can see there is a tiny little cutout that’s a shape of a U and that’s what Samsung will be placing its.

Single-lens front-facing camera the one in the middle is the infinity V which is a v-shaped notch which is also very interesting and it really does increase the screen sided ratio but the third and last one is the most interesting one since it is considered an open hole technology you can see there is a tiny hole cut out on the very left of the.

Panel and that means Sampson is going for a totally baseless design with tiny little camera dot smack in the middle of the smartphone on the very top now this actually lands up with a lot of our previous rumors if you look at these image here by Benjamin Gaskin you can see same since things been going for this open hole technology.

It has pretty much a lot of screen it’s a beautiful infinity display OLED and you can see this tiny little dot which is the cameras now IC universe even tweeted out in.

A Twitter post about this type of technology and how the open camera hole technology will be the next big thing and it’s going to become mainstream technology in 2019 now if.

You also look at this image here this was actually in the Android P beta now this is actually one of the biggest things out there because this is a totally bezels display and we definitely will be seeing some sort.

Of a tiny dot acting as the camera for the smartphone so it’s getting really really cool especially how all this camera technology is working out Samson seems to be really dedicated and investing a lot of money in the open whole camera technology certainly thanks for watching cause blo how to feel about this and do you like this new design thanks watching.

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