Three Economists Break Down Friday's Jobs Report

This is all before that big number Kayla Tashi is actually standing by outside at the Labor Department Kayla Becky 157 thousand jobs that was the non-farm payroll edition for the month of July I think the more important issue is that even with this I think still very strong job numbers come back and professional hires nice strong manufacturing numbers.

We’re not getting the wage gains we’d like to see you never want to take one job number or one any number as a trend you want to see a lot of them so.

Taking an average is a better idea now job creation is still going pretty well but has slowed compared to where it was three years ago.

So the last 18 months are slower than the 18 months before that part of that’s natural because we’re running out of people think the averages have picked up I mean both the three months and the six month are now above 220 K and if you add you know something for this one-off factor and entice are.

Asked and I think it’s very rapid payroll growth you look at the household survey and the drop in the unemployment rate.

Was due to very strong household employment growth it wasn’t due to weaker labor force participation.

So this is a firm report I think.


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