Technology For The Blind

Enabling technology might be an in terment not a new concept Braille is an enabling technology that hasn’t made it possible for people who are blind or visually impaired to read long before we had iPhones or audiobooks before I go further let me clear up some potential semantic confusion I like the term and they will attack while others prefer.

Both expressions or perhaps devices and other technological solutions which make it easier for someone who is blind or visually impaired to interact with their world I’ve included.

Some samples of evolutionary enabling technology but the.

Complete list would extend for many pages and grow longer each day the evolutionary delineation is mine and I’m sure others would have a different list I read today’s fastest-growing assistive community one tap of a button instantly connects you with a sighted.

Professional agent who delivers visual assistance anytime and anywhere dancing dots was founded by a musician who was blind and developed Braille music and low vision aids such as the limelighter music reading.

Device to make the world of music accessible to people who are blind dancing dots offers technology educational resources and training to.

Assist blind and low-vision individuals to read write and record their music our products and services foster inclusion literacy and independence for visually impaired.

Musicians and audio producers engaged in educational leisure and professional pursuits Braille Institute is a nonprofit organization offering a broad range of free programs classes and services serving thousands of students of all ages to empower themselves to live more enriching life with blindness and vision loss.

We serve a community from six centers and 220 community outreach locations throughout.

Southern California and Maine popular national programs like Braille challenge and cane quest our.

Staff and volunteers understand losing your vision can be scary and we believe it is not the end of Independence but a new way of living NFP and amazon worked together for approved kindle accessibility NFP joins forces with Amazon to improve Kindle accessibility for blind students FCC proposes increased audio description access the.

FCC seeks comments on the rules proposed to increase access to audio description for blind viewers you you.

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