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This is Summit News sponsored by tesis I’m Sara panko and we’re here at Carestream dentals 2018 global oral health summit joining me now Satish I’m a Chandra Satish thanks for joining us tell us a little bit about what you do for care stream dental sure first off Sarah great to be speaking with you I am the general manager.

Here at Carestream dental and I’m responsible for managing our global practice management software portfolio and speaking of that so how does care stream dental practice management software satisfy the.

Needs of a modern dental practice that’s a great question so the world of dentistry or other the practice of dentistry has been evolving pretty rapidly over the past decade the way traditional practice management used to work business.
Was largely focused on the activities.

That took place within the four walls of a practice this was focused on how do we efficiently schedule patient appointments.

Ensure that patients were administered for patient records in a seamless and efficient manner how treatment plans were organized how diagnosis was made and.
How patients were treated and finally.

Billing was kind of managed efficiently that was the traditional context modern dental practice management has had to incorporate all of the things the traditional practice management did but it’s also taken on the added dimension of being more patient centric as customers needs and expectations have evolved modern dental practice management has had to focus on how do they.

Target and attract new patients to come into the practice be able to handle the needs of emerging treatment options as well as handle emerging payment options that we see in the world.

Right now so at cash stream dental we’re able to focus on the needs of not just the traditional practice management solutions but also the modern practice management solutions so we like to think that we focused on serving the needs that all dental practice management needs going along with those lines what can the dental community expect to see from care stream dental in 2019 and even beyond.

That I think in a nutshell the way we would characterize that is we are focused on delivering digital workflows and if you ask the question why well if you think about the world today clearly cloud.

Is a dominant theme regardless of which industry we speak about but when we think about what is actually happening with the benefits of cloud there is an abundance of computing capability in the world today but what’s scarce is human attention and time so our focus is on.

Creating digital workflows that actually give back more time to the practitioners in dentistry.

So that they can focus on creating a better patient experience and deliver higher quality care so.

We are focused on essentially reinventing productivity for the dental practice and so that’s what we’re focused on well thank you thanks for joining us we appreciate it and thank you everyone for watching and again care stream dental has you covered with Summit News sponsored by tsys summit news is.
Brought to you in part by TSYS..

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