Weedmd Inc (cve:wmd) Exporting Cannabis Genetics Internationally

It’s a CEO of weed md keith welcome back i’m pleased to be here thanks for having me how excited are you about Wednesday October 17th you know what it’s it’s kind of mixed emotions to be honest it’s it’s super exciting just conceptually that we’ve hit this milestone that we’ve all been gunning towards for years now but on the.

Flip side of that it’s actually day one it’s not the end of a race it’s actually the beginning believe it or not and it’s it’s it’s not so much a revolution as.
It is an evolution going forward.

So it’s not as if on October 17th the world changes if you’re living in Ontario you’re not gonna see a store open up that you’ll be able to consume or purchase cannabis on you’ll be able to go online and perhaps get some at the OCS store I can imagine that website’s gonna be a busy busy busy place on Wednesday but again there’s gonna be a lot of bumps in the road as.

We roll forward and as this industry evolves as we try to eradicate this black market that’s been around forever that is actually our real true competitors in the space today rather than the other lp’s it’s really the black market that we’re dealing with and it’s not gonna go away and poof in a puff of.

Smoke on the 17th either so well he’s not just another pretty face is he no that’s uh that’s that’s so insightful I’m not used to that kind of insight coming from that side of the table with Ed sitting there I was inspired by your philosopher that’s that’s.

A really interesting perspective Keith and I got to say that that’s the first time I’ve ever had reason to think about it in those terms where is just the beginning of a long and probably quite arduous implementation of course and so that’s refreshing way to think about it so I guess we shouldn’t expect to have cannabis available everywhere that we would want it to be.

On the first day and I guess it’s unreasonable to expect that the website’s gonna launch without a hitch because a it’s run by the government so is it that’s gonna be no comment right we’ll make those comments for you but but no and ironically all the cannabis that you’ll see.

Being consumed on Wednesday will highly likely be sourced from the illicit market so really yeah wow I’m not smoking it if it’s illegal are you well all these dispensaries that are open now yeah where they can all get closed how does that work so yeah in theory they should all be shutting their doors on October 17th or risk you know much bigger finding it finds them they would face today right so.

They’ve been kind of tolerated in this and they call it the gray market to where we are today yeah and the government’s come out with you know the carrot and.

The stick and the stick gets much bigger on October 17th with respect to dealing with these dispensaries and and again the illicit market but that being said this black.

Markets been around for a hundred years mm-hmm they’ve got deep and meaningful relationships with their customers sure and critically they can provide products.

That we’re not able to provide under the legal regime today so you want your shatter and if you want your your waxes and your edibles and your whatever else you can find in the dispensary shelves reloaded bait pen correct or else.

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