Dbtrack Helps You Conserve Your Hearing

We building technology that you can include in tan earphone that works with an app that tracks the sound exposure in Santeria to give you a means to take small decisions to conserve your hearing and you need special headphones for this so yes we we need special headphones but we don’t bother humans we partner with companies now first pardon.

Is waste stone they’ve included the technology in the earphone and then it’s a free to use app that we provides and that gives you not just the label but.

Also the duration that at which you can sustain that label for and just making sure that you always keep your earring safe okay what are the headphones doing that’s particularly special it is just a sound saying so that’s inside that your friends so.

That we can connect to to give you the the audio buffers that comes to the phone and then we convert it to decibel values we also take into consideration.

That it needs to be a weighted specifically for your hearing we also take into account the specific characteristics of a year because sometimes music do differ between two persons two individuals so it sounds different or even louder for some people so we we make sure that you are accurate and we know.

Exactly what you’re exposing to not necessarily only for music but also for any audio that you do on the frame you mentioned an app here what is that doing so the app actually just gives you real-time feedback on the decibel level it also.

Gives you the duration that you can listen to it gives you a sound allowance so it’s sort of like a calorie counter for your ears so that sound allowance you should typically not exceed 100 percent so 100 the scene for us is about 85 decibels for 8 hours and that’s what we what you’re.

Trying to aim for if you listen at.

Level it’s obviously decreases the time.

So typically what happens if you increase it with 3 decibels you half the time ok so what’s with the.

The goal here so you’re selling to manufacturers to integrate the technology yes so the idea is to partner with all your manufacturers so we want to join.

Big we believe this is something that should be an every earphone in the world the wh oak actually states that the 1 billion 1.1 billion young people are at risk for losing the earring just because they’re not listening in a safe way even in the UK 46% of young.

People 16 to 34 listen to music for three to six hours on a daily basis so we trying to make sure that don’t stop doing what you’re doing just be smart about it is it available now so we launching in November and a crowdfunding campaign with off with Westone.

And then it will be available on the App Store.

Need the hardware so we will be able to you’ll be able.

To get the hardware on the websites and.

Everywhere okay very cool thank you so much thanks for having us.

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