Why Photographers Should Be Using Nd Filters! | 2018

Hey guys welcome so today we’re going to be looking at some stuff that I found and my bed ages ago I bought it ages ago thinking it would help build never it ended up using it and then lately I’ve been looking for them and I hope in being able to find them and now I found now I found.

Them so let’s have a look intro so first up we’re going to look at some different filters so right now I have a I think it’s a medium ND filter so what that means is like.
You’ve got semi dark and really dark the one I’ve got on now is the one in.

Between that so I don’t know.

Why I had that on now just give it these ones also so these ones are like maybe like the half of it half of it’s blue and the other half is orange like kind of things it’s like a different so I put them at the same.

Time half the screen is blue half the screen is orange pretty cool right yeah I definitely recommend these these are called KNF concept digital slim 67 mil rings these both this one oh wait those are the other ones.
So I’ve got so these two now like so trade you before it goes this one’s.

Out of this this one’s just a UV filter it goes oh it’s not so this one’s like half the screen is black the other half is not so if I twist that yeah so twist.

The bottom of the screen all down here is going to be black see how that one’s the same one there’s the orange black one over here yeah so those three in a group then I.

Have the actual ND filters so I have the lowest ND filter on my thing now and I have these two so right.

Now if I turn that put that one on the camera will look at me and adjust hopefully maybe not maybe not half of the video and then this one will just about half that so it kind of darkens everything up around me but it’s still so it means like a.

Lot sex on glasses for the cameras I’d recommend that these for any outside dog photography so if you’re gonna take a picture outdoors and you don’t want to change any settings that are crucial you’d want to put some of those on make you think like sunglasses.

So it changes instead of your eyes like you’re squinting like that because there’s too much light coming in you put sunglasses on to stop that singing look.

Comfortably it’s the same idea so right.

Now I have a UV filter on there’s nothing to the actual lens itself it’s just a clear piece of Alaska to protect the lens as you can see right now I am very underexposed while the background is very exposed so.

We could share something I want to see if this works so if you see that right over here is very exposed over here is not a change that around all it is it’s actually purple purple if I did get a couple of colors I’ve got a blue orange purple else we get can’t remember yeah so these are the three these are the three nd filters I’ll start with the lowest one this is n d2 then you have in d4 and then n d8 so let’s try n d2 first as you can see.

I’m going to be more exposed to as the background is getting a bit darker so I’m gonna order at the moment but you can see the difference so as it gets darker let’s overexposed that’s nd – nice try nd 4 see how it’s much darker so we’ll try nd 2 nd 4 so what dark house people both of them on to get out that’s ND 6 so it’s.

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