Imf Deputy Managing Director Zhang Tao On China On Tariffs And China's Economic Reforms

Three tensions started by the US have been changing the global economic environment what is a comment on the recently announced US tariffs on two hundred billion dollar worth of Chinese goods we at the IMF believe that any unilateral measures such as tariffs or non-tariff measures would not help to balance trade or external balances on the contrary it will.

Hurt the the trade balance not only that it will also have the damages to the trading partners and other countries with because of.

The spillover impact so as a whole the the global economy would suffer so there’s no winner in this as a result of this unilateral measures so we urge the trading partners whenever they have disagreement they would engage into constructive dialogue and negotiations without resort to the tariff matters or non-tariff measures it has been 40 years since China started to open up and the launched economic reforms and now China.

Continue its path to deepen reforms and opening up more its sectors what does this message mean.

To the world during the last 40 years China and Chinese people have benefit greatly from the forms and opening to the world and I believe China will continues this way in the in the futures and the process not only which is bring the huge benefit to China but also great greatly benefits the entire world being a trading partners or in terms of the investment opportunities so so this is good things so I’m glad China and Chinese government’s already.

Committed to continues to go along the way as it committed another.

Important thing is during the process China also committed to closely engaged in to the math natural systems.

And multilateral arrangement and we believe as Chinese economy is growing and this Chinese engagement with international communities intensified China will play a more and more important role in improving and building a new systems for multilateral trade and investment – in verse 4.

For everybody’s to gain from a new and more open more fair systems so that everybody can benefit from the systems.

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