No-shows by candidates up even in tough job market

BTI Consultants managing director James Agrawal said no-shows tend to be more common in sectors such as digital, startups/ecommerce/IT, where there is enormous disruption and huge focus on human capital. He sees 20-25 such cases a year at the senior level.;In the last two months, we have had as many as nine dropouts in our digital practice,said Atul Vohra, managing partner at Transearch India.

He said that when good talent leaves a company, it’s intellectual capital walking out of the door and a replacement always costs more in terms of the learning cycle and cultural integration. Companies will then give a counteroffer and be aggressive about it; said Vohra.

It’s important to engage with the candidate and keep an eye out for all potential warning signs that s/he may be having second thoughts, said Amit Agarwal, managing partner of Stanton Chase India. Heidrick;s Mahapatra said they keep an adequate number of equally strong backups.

All agree that there’s little companies can do, beyond blacklisting. Hari TN, HR head at BigBasket, said neither side should be washing dirty linen in public.Candidates have a freedom of choice. Sometimes the way they exercise this choice will come across as unprofessional and mercenary… but it still does not call for publicly calling out this behaviour, said Hari.

Santrupt Misra, director, group HR, at Aditya Birla Group said it is advisable to act with restraint unless one knows the facts.;There are examples where corporates have withdrawn campus offers because business plans change. Why shouldn’t equal rights be with individuals? It depends on facts and the situation; he said.

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