Wall Street Wake Up Call: October 25th, 2018

Good morning a newsroom on Wall Street wake-up call for Thursday October 25th 2018 stocks rising this Thursday morning p

Three Economists Break Down Friday's Jobs Report

This is all before that big number Kayla Tashi is actually standing by outside at the Labor Department Kayla Becky 157 t

Us Army Chief Warns Of Growing Threat From Russia And China

Today we face threats that are serious in growing and we must be ready for conflict that requires us to go to war in a v

North Korea Bans Foreign Visitors As Kim's Hermit State Prepare For Huge Celebration

You North Korea bans foreign visitors as Kim therefore a huge celebration North Korea has been all foreign tourists from

Brett Kavanaugh: Swearing-in Ceremony (full)

Joining us for tonight’s ceremony is every sitting Supreme Court justice Chief Justice Roberts Thank You Justice Thomas

Democrats Targeted, Megyn Kelly, Yosemite Couple – Dom B Podcast 100

Dance what is up today I will be talking about some pipe bombs have been sent to various Democratic leaders megyn kelly

In Landmark Move, Bmw To Take Control Of China Jv !!automotive Car Tv

Welcome to Thursday’s first shift I’m Chyna Haley one Midwest dealership group is focused on creating a quote safe and s

Audi Fined $927m For Emissions Cheating ……. Automotive Car Tv/car News/audi

Volvo’s shifting safety strategy welcome to Tuesday’s show I’m Jennifer Fong their story in a moment but we’ll begin wit

Bill Ford Cancels Saudi Appearance —- Automotive Car Tv/car News/

Welcome to Monday’s first shift hope you enjoyed your weekend coming up Portia charges up its electrification plans but